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Excipients Forum Commissioned Research

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EIA Commissioned Research on the Industry

Tablet Film Coatings Market – Global Forecasts 2019 – 2021

This report provides a strategic analysis of the global tablet film coatings market with a special focus on market size, growth forecasts, and the industry’s competitive structure. In addition, we provide a resource and strategic analysis of selected companies. The report reveals that in 2018, the global market for tablet film coatings had an estimated market size of $878 million and 27,941 metric tonnes. This is expected to grow modestly in 2019 to $934 million, reaching $1065 million by 2021. Growth will be primarily driven by developments in the wider pharmaceutical industry, notably, ongoing investments in R&D, continuing growth in Asia Pacific, population ageing and urbanization, which will help push up demand for quality medicines. You can download this report using this link here.


Excipients Selection Trends: A Review of 2007-2019 FDA Novel Drug Approvals Data

Excipients play a key role in the development and manufacturing of stable, safe and quality therapeutics. The criteria for selecting excipients, their concentration, grade, and functionality is a evolves along with developments in biopharmaceutical sciences, regulatory landscape and societal demands. In this report, we provide a summary of data obtained from examining excipient label declarations, for both small molecules and biological/protein products, approved by the FDA between 2007 to 2009 and 2017 to 2019. The aim is to identify trends in the way excipients use has changed over this time period. You can download this report using this link here.


Navigating Brexit – How ready is the UK Excipients Sector?

The new British Prime Minister, Boris John, has vowed to take the UK out of the European Union (EU) by the 31st October 2019 under all circumstances. Businesses from all sectors of the economy are ramping up preparations, however, uncertainty still persists. The Excipients Industry Forum recently interviewed 42 firms involved in manufacturing, import/export and distribution of excipients in the UK pharmaceutical sector in order to assess their preparedness for a no deal Brexit. Read about our findings through this link.


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